George’s Welding
Services, Inc
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Medley FL 33178
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About Our Company

George’s Welding Services, Inc. is a family owned and operated business founded by Jorge & Luz Amador in 1984.The idea behind George’s Welding Services, Inc. was to offer a welding service to customers in the construction
industry. Throughout the years the vision has grown.

Today, George’s Welding Services, Inc. is a full service facility fabricating and erecting structural steel and miscellaneous metals in Dade, Broward and
Palm Beach County providing customer satisfaction. George’s Welding Services, Inc. combines its years of experience and construction technology with the
expertise of its project management and engineering personnel to produce a variety of structures.Fabrication & erection equipment include the latest sawing, shearing, bending, punching and welding machines insuring fabricated steel by
George’s Welding, Inc. to be one of the bests in terms of quality and schedule.

George’s Welding Services, Inc. uses its own transportation system to take the necessary equipment and tools required for the erection and installation of structural steel and miscellaneous metals, and to make deliveries of fabricated steel to construction sites; as a result, George’s Welding Services, Inc. assures control of every aspect of its operations.

George’s welding Services, Inc. has a 2 acre full service facility that contains the qualified employees and required equipment to manage any task. Our staff consists of 60 employees, including Civil & Industrial Engineers, Architect, Marketing Specialist, Certified Welders and a General Contractor.

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